What if I told you there was a writing practice that helped you become more free, more vulnerable, more messy? 

Maybe you are interested in writing with me but have some doubts. Maybe you are curious about what it's all about but you aren't a writer (you don't have to be) or you couldn't possibly read your work aloud (you really can) or you have the stories of your life pulling at your heart (we want to hear them).

And then you think yes maybe this is something you want for yourself...

Because maybe you are still healing from something.

Because maybe you want to explore a different part of yourself.

Because maybe you need to find your voice (and girl, do you ever with this work).

Because maybe someone told you once that you couldn’t do something.

Because maybe you love the process of writing and the idea of reading something you wrote aloud scares the hell out of you (oh yes, this for sure).

Because you are looking for community. For a space to be held (not patted on the leg and me too-ed) but really seen and heard.

Because poetry (we use it for writing prompts - I know, right?).

Because your secret (or not so secret) bad ass self has something to say.

Anything is possible.