"I wasn't sure what to expect from GLOW, but it turned out to be a form of self care I didn't know I needed. Within the cosy walls of Soulshine Studio, I was able to quiet my mind and listen to my heart. Something I haven't had a chance to do in a long time. Even better, I was able to give voice to my feelings in a non-judgemental, accepting space. I would highly recommend Angie's classes for anyone looking to tap into their inner voice and test the limits of their comfort zone."


"When I write with Angie, I shift from out-of-whack to centered, from uncertain to certain. Her classes give me new skin and clearer vision and a little more strength. I don't know how she does it." 


“Angie’s writing groups are gentle, deep, perceptive, insightful, inviting, invigorating and lovingly fierce.  She has a loving presence and a guiding way that creates a safe container in which I could go deeper and explore places within me that had long lain dormant but that I needed to explore.  There is laughter and tears, and women deeply supporting each other, a wonderful community of care and support.”